David Raitt - Performance Photo

Hello, I’m David Raitt.

I’ve been performing and teaching improv comedy for almost 25 years. On this small website, you’ll find information about me and my services. You’ll also find my appearance calendar below.

Besides performance workshops and coaching, I teach communication skills through improv to business teams, students, and the public. Try a class to learn better communication, how to adapt to changing situations, and the art of failing gracefully.

I especially love physical comedy and helping improvisers learn those skills. I’m the curator of Improv Illusionist, a website and community for performers who want to be more physical. Check it out to learn about environment, object work, and physicality in character and performance.

Appearance Calendar

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing recommendations, I’m not teaching in-person workshops at this time. (Virtual Coaching and Customized Online Workshops are still available.)

I mostly perform with my home company, Oakville Improv. I don’t appear in every show, but here are some that I regularly perform in:

  • LIVE IN-PERSON! The Moonshine Cafe (last Sunday of every month): Our monthly “adults-only” showcase features new and experienced Oakville Improv performers, and usually one or two professional improvisers from the Toronto community. Amazing comedy! Adults only.
  • Maestro (monthly Tuesdays 8:00pm Eastern): Developed by Keith Johnstone, this is like “Improv Survivor.” Ten improvisers start, and the audience scores their scenes. The Director eliminates the lowest-scoring players until one remains – the Maestro! Family-friendly.
  • Live! and Unmuted (monthly Tuesdays 8:00pm Eastern): An opening monologue sets the stage for a stream-of-consciousness series of improvised scenes. Who knows where it will go? Not recommended for children.
  • The Actually Something Else Show (occasional Tuesdays 8:00pm Eastern): Experiments with directed, long-form improvised plays. Recent shows have included “Mission: Mars” (sci-fi horror) and “Days of the Bold and the Restless” (soap opera). Not recommended for children.

Visit the Oakville Improv website or their Facebook page for upcoming dates, cast lists, and to request invitation links to online broadcasts.